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Schilderijen, tekeningen en fotografie / P
aintings, drawings and photography.


‘Beelden’ (maken en kijken) is mijn ding. Als kind actief en als talentvol aangemerkt, als puber ingedut, op de Academie opgebloeid. Daarna aan het werk, voornamelijk als docent en na de 2de studie Visuele Communicatie, ook als ontwerper en online-strateeg. Naast het toegepast werken is er altijd tijd gevonden voor het eigen autonome werk.


Handling images both productively and reflectively is central. Active as a child and regarded as talented, dozed off as an adolescent, blossomed at the Academy (first degree from the Academy of Visual Education Tilburg and subsequently a degree in Visual Communication at the Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam). Then started working, as a teacher (including at both Academies at which graduated) and after Visual Communication, also as a designer and online strategist. In addition to applied work, sufficient time has always been found, taken for the free autonomous work(s). In the studio, the focus has always been on the development of both concept and technology.

The work is figurative, the representation with the experience, the story and the reference is an important factor. But there is a second layer, that of the translation into the medium, the painting itself, which, in the build-up from the drawing, layer-by-layer and the search for the essence in form(s) and space, partly determine how the will be work. In the work(s), these ‘layers’ are always in dialogue with each other, competing for priority, also depending on the viewer. The work can be seen online*, is/was (regularly) exhibited in gallery and museum.

CV / opleiding / education

Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Rotterdam (nu: Willem de Kooning Academie HR), Visuele Communicatie / Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, opleiding tot tekenleraar, Tilburg, Akte van bekwaamheid A en B.

CV / werk/beroep / profession

Beeldend Kunstenaar / Grafisch ontwerper _ Intermedia Designer / Docent (Willem de Kooning Academie HR, Academie voor Beeldende Vorming te Tilburg, Pabo/Pedagogische Academie, Opl. school voor kleuterleidsters) /